Short term care and preservation of equipment procedures are laid down in Reference 9.13.1, covering the period from its delivery on site through construction to pre-commissioning. However: when the period from delivery to erection exceeds 12 months, or when the period from delivery to the start of pre-commissioning exceeds 24 months, a more extensive program of care and preservation becomes necessary. The purpose of this section is to provide guidelines to the relevant Company construction personnel to define and implement such a program. Responsibilities for this work during all phases on site are defined in Reference 9.13.2. Attention is drawn to the importance of formalizing procedures by keeping appropriate records.


This procedure outlines the minimum requirements to be followed for protection of equipment and material from arrival at jobsite until:
a. Start of pre-commissioning
b. Acceptance by client
Preservation after pre-commissioning has to be discussed separately with the client and is not considered in this procedure.

The end of guarantee from vendors is to be considered since the requirements in this procedure relate to prolonged storage of material (expected duration of storage 1 year or more). Specific preservation requirements of vendors will be followed as far as possible. If there is a conflict between manufacturer's recommendation and the recommendation in this procedure, the vendor's recommendation shall take precedence.

The extent of preservation will depend on the anticipated period that the equipment is to be preserved. This is to be handled in close conjunction with the client's representative and the vendor.

Rust preventatives and desiccants are sold under various brand names and have to be field purchased as required. Before purchasing starts, agreement has to be reached between field and client on brands and types of rust preventatives and desiccants.

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