Established in 2000, UNISAM is a company specializing in Project Management, Mining and Engineering Consumables, Earthmoving Equipment Parts, Energy and Construction. UNISAM has set the stage by changing how Engineering and Management processes could be made more efficient. UNISAM has the capacity to combine expertise with proven, innovative technology to deliver with powerful management competence. UNISAM has acquired competent personnel to manage small to large size project. Even though UNISAM was small in size, our innovative ideas, creativity, and domain expertise allowed us to lay the foundation for Project Management and Engineering.

Today Unisam Engineering, or better known as UNISAM, continues to deliver compelling results and ignite the transformation of Project Management into “Strategic Resource Savings Solution”. Unisam specializes in major Mining and Engineering equipment, tools, safety equipment etc.

Over the past years, Project Management and the supply of Mining and Engineering equipment has shifted a more strategic function. It is therefore important that a solution provider offers a unique blend of dynamic personalized services, innovative technology, and domain experience. UNISAM Group is that strategic partner.

Unparalleled Services

UNISAM offers a wide array of complementary services to help organizations achieve the strategic objectives and accelerate bottom-line results. We provide personalized services where we adopt an in-depth knowledge of your business practices and operations allowing UNISAM to become an extension to your organization. This enables you to maximize the benefits and have a strategic focus on the goals and objectives that are important to the company.


UNISAM enables organizations to improve their overall performance and continually meet the evolving challenges they face in the areas of Project Management, Sourcing, Payables, and fulfilment. This provides the company with the competitive advantage they need to survive.


UNISAM’s diverse market presence has given UNISAM the unique perspective and ability to provide the best strategies, easy-to-use and intuitive tools, and on-demand services to each and every business, no matter what the challenge or requirement.

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